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It's been a while since I've written a journal. I've changed my style and my art design quite a bit. I've moved to a new city and everything around me is very inspiring. 
I just graduated high school too (with honors) so yay me :party:

For those of you that don't know I have made it my mission to help out local animal shelters in my area. This year alone i have raised over $400 for the Amazing Grace Animal Rescue by just selling paintings. I will now be adding my photography to that list of things for sale. I am more than willing to make any prints or copies for anyone willing to make a small donation. Remember ALL proceeds go to help the shelters and animals in need. 

I only draw animals or still life not people sorry

My Prices are
Canvas $55-$90
Watercolor $16-$20
Prints range
Anywhere from $4-$20

I currently have six commission spots available. 

So new prints, new commissions, new life, new me. All proceeds go to benefit Amazing Grace Animal Rescue.

Please help out,

With love


Prints Available (Please Contact)
Kane by RazorxBladexPhotos  Zephyr by RazorxBladexPhotos  Branson by RazorxBladexPhotos  Rossi by RazorxBladexPhotos  Jax by RazorxBladexPhotos Prancie by RazorxBladexPhotos  Hide away by RazorxBladexPhotos  Mysti Cat by RazorxBladexPhotos  New Life by RazorxBladexPhotos

New Work 

Owl Love you by RazorxBladexPhotos  Peacock Magic by RazorxBladexPhotos  Four Pup Commission by RazorxBladexPhotos  Splattered Owl by RazorxBladexPhotos  Apostle by RazorxBladexPhotos  Bunny Cuddles by RazorxBladexPhotos
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  • Watching: Horror films
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Submitted on
June 12, 2014


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