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I will be hopefully working on a short story hear about two young wolves called Ying and Yang. Ive done a few base photoshop paintings hear and there (using some lineart graciously donated by a few fellow deviants since im no good at creating lineart) and ive decided to attempt a story with them.

About the story.

It takes place with Ying and Yang as yound pups frollicing in the meadow and down by their favorite lake. Little do they know that a great war for their precious valley home is about to happen. The pups are separated Yang is taken by a band of savage roug wolves and Ying is still with the pack now located in the catacombs. As the pups grow they have no recolection of eachother and no memories of the battle for their valley. One day they shall meet and the valley will be taken back to their rightful place. But first the young wolves must find a place for eachother in their lives.

So thats the basic idea.... not really sure how to start it just yet

A few drawings of them

Ying Yang playing by RazorxBladexPhotos Ying and yang playing (Note: this is bye the old lake down in the valley home)
Ying and Yang by RazorxBladexPhotos Ying and Yang (Note: This here is Ying and Yang playing by their favorite tree)
Ying by RazorxBladexPhotos Ying (Note: Here is Ying wondering around her home in the catacombs)
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June 12, 2012


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